Is there something wrong with my pet’s eyes?

Whenever you spend time with your pet, always be on the lookout for anything that can be wrong with your pet. Examine your pet’s eyes regularly for any abnormalities. Here are a few general symptoms to look out for:

  • Discharge
  • Watering
  • White or red eyelid linings
  • Crusts or muck around the eye
  • Tear-stained fur
  • Change in eye colour or cloudiness over the eye
  • Closed eye(s) or squinting
  • Visible third eyelid
  • Constant blinking
  • Aversion to light
  • Pawing at the eyes or rubbing his face on the ground
  • Inflamed or swollen eyelids

If you see any irregularities, consult a vet immediately, as eye conditions that are left untreated can lead to impaired sight or even blindness. Of course, a thorough check-up by your vet and making sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date are also essential in preventing infections and ensuring that they stay at bay.

These supplements can help nourish your pet’s eyes. Always consult your vet to diagnose necessity and get advice on dosages.

  • Vitamins A, C and E
  • Bilberry extract
  • Zinc
  • Lutein
  • Mixed carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin
  • Astaxanthin



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