Itchy dog? Food may be the solution

Itchy skin, upset stomach and bloating are all common signs of food allergies and intolerances in dogs.

Itchy skin, upset stomach and bloating are all common signs of food allergies and intolerances in dogs. These symptoms are not seasonal like pollen allergies and are made worse when your dog is exposed to their allergen. Most food allergies in dogs are to a protein source and the most common proteins include chicken, beef, lamb and soy. One solution to treat your dog’s food allergies is to feed them a hypoallergenic diet with novel protein.

Nala Health dog food is a premium allergy-friendly dog food with novel insect protein and gluten-free ancient grains. In addition to this, the food contains baobab, rooibos, carrot, sweet potato, peas, lentils, chickpeas and probiotics among other ingredients.


Our recipes are made by specialists in animal nutrition and are formulated to support:

  • Healthy digestion – fibre and probiotic optimises the gut microbiome
  • Skin and fur – cold-pressed canola oil and coconut oil keeps skin and fur healthy
  • Cognitive health – sustainable DHA omega 3 from marine algae and good carbohydrates provide the brain with essential nutrients.
  • Joints and bones – calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D keep joints and bones strong and healthy
  • The immune system – rooibos, baobab fruit, sea salad, alfalfa and botanical extracts provide antioxidants protecting the body from harmful free radicals.


Insect protein from black soldier fly larvae is the main source of protein in Nala Health. This is a clean, highly digestible and complete source of protein for your dog. In addition to this, insect protein releases considerably less CO2 compared to traditional meat production. It also needs less water, land and feed per kg of protein produced. Read more about our food here.


Nala Health is a family business focusing on health, sustainability and dogs. Our food is locally made in South Africa and uses environmentally-friendly ingredients that are healthy for our dogs and the planet.


Nala Health – for people who care for their dog and the planet.


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