Keeping pets active at boarding kennels

Choosing the ideal boarding kennel for your beloved pet can be difficult. One thing that most pet parents worry about is how their pets will be entertained while at the kennel. BKC Boarding Kennels answers these two questions:

Q: How are the pets being occupied at the kennels?

A: At BKC Boarding Kennels we have active, animal-loving staff that exercise and play with the pets on a daily basis. There are individual day gardens for each boarding family as well as a larger exercise garden to keep pets engaged and healthy. Keeping animals stimulated with play is one of our priorities.

Q: What should I bring with when I drop off my dog or cat at the kennel?

A: Any toys, blankets or beds are welcome to ensure your pet’s comfort. These things are generally provided for; however, should you wish to bring your own, our staff will ensure that your pet has all his comforts of home. If your pet requires any special care or medication, these should also be brought to the kennels along with clear and specific instructions on how to administer the medication.

Should you have questions about boarding kennels, contact BKC Boarding Kennels on or 011 965 6419.


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