Helping the vulnerable

The Tekkie Tax team is known for their braveness and they did again – they braved the bitter cold night on the Centurion Mall rooftop to create awareness for the vulnerable people and their animals. They also collected food parcels from John Dory’s and handed it to homeless people.

To ensure that the brave people on the rooftop didn’t get bored throughout their 24-hour stay, movies were shown on the rooftop and Cobus Visser shared his inspirational stories and how he will climb Kilimanjaro in a few days to raise awareness of and support the provision of accommodation for Children with Cancer.

John Owens, Tekkie Tax ambassador and Mr South Africa 2014, was one of the brave people who made it through the night, and pledged to do it again next year. Germa Hatting, national campaign manager of Tekkie Tax, said that it was extremely cold during the night, but totally worth it.


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