Keeping your chinchilla cosy and healthy this winter

Chinchillas are such cute and fluffy animals, and they make lovely pets. To make sure that he stays a happy chappy, it is necessary to take care of his health, which shouldn’t be too complicated, as they are generally healthy pets.

Ideal temperature

Chinchillas are generally sensitive to temperatures and therefore it is important to ensure that he is kept in an area that is comfortable for him. The ideal temperature for a chinchilla is between 15 and 23°C.

They originally come from the Andes Mountains in South America, where the air is less humid, and that is why the chinchilla doesn’t enjoy hot and humid (or very cold) temperatures. So, be careful when you turn up the heat on cold winter days and nights – your chinchilla might not appreciate it as much as you think.

Health checks

By doing a few health checks every week, you can pick up if something is wrong with your chinchilla. Like most animals, the chinchilla is also a master at hiding pain and weakness. And the more time you spend with your chinchilla, the sooner you’ll pick up if he is feeling off.

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