Kitty and Puppy Haven needs your help!

AnimalTalk calls all animal lovers to assist the abused and homeless puppies and kittens at Kitty and Puppy Haven – thieves stole their food and other supplies!

Samantha Berger, owner and founder of Kitty and Puppy Haven says: “I simply have no words to express the inconvenience caused by this weekend’s events, “ says Samantha Berger, founder of Kitty and Puppy Haven. puppy havenKitty and Puppy Haven’s headquarters in President Park, Midrand were burgled over the weekend. “Losing our equipment, including all computers, leaves us in dire straits. We urgently need assistance to keep afloat,” says Samantha.

Kitty and Puppy Haven is a Northern Gauteng-based shelter for hundreds of neglected, abused and abandoned animals from low-income areas. The Kitty and Puppy Haven is a pro-life NPO that encourages the public to adopt these pets or donate a monthly amount.

The shelter offers complete veterinary care, vaccinations, and sterilisation of all the animals in the sanctuary, which have been brought in from squatter camps, townships, road sides and mine dumps. The Hush Puppies Surgical and Radiology Wing at the shelter plays an important is a life saving facility for many animals from low income areas.

They also find homes for these once injured, traumatised or abused animals, once they are in a fit condition, healthy both physically and mentally.

The Haven takes in about 100 animals a month, and rehabilitate and home them as far as possible. Animals that are too sick or old to be re-homed are kept at the shelter. The only animals that are put down are those that are incurably ill. Over the years, thousands of abandoned and unwanted animals have been rehabilitated through the Kitty and Puppy Haven.

The Alex Project

In January 2008 they launched the Alex Project – with the aim of rescuing sick, abandoned and abused animals from Alexandra. The project involves a weekly drive through the township, where abandoned animals are identified and then rescued. Animals that are abused, neglected or sick are removed from their owners in the hope that we can rehabilitate them, and save them from a life of starvation and abuse. The project has been a huge success and many animals rescued from the township are well on their way to recovery.

YOU can help


Animaltalk aims to raise R10 000 for Kitty and Puppy Haven by the end of April.



Kitty and Puppy Haven urgently needs:

  • Blankets
  • Puppy and kitten food: (tin food – Husky or Pamper only) or premium dry food for puppies (small, medium and large breed) and kittens – dogs and cats at the shelter are mostly very malnourished or sickly, so can only be fed premium or veterinary diets
  • Puppy and kitten toys

If you have anything to contribute, please drop off at:

Kitty and Puppy Haven Shelter – 37 Modderfontein Rd, President Park, Midrand


AnimalTalk offices – 92 Campolino Road, Kyalami, Midrand



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