Krugersdorp SPCA to close its doors

1263998022_SPCAOn Monday 16 February, the Krugersdorp SPCA delivered a press release announcing that the branch will be closing, owing to financial reasons, as of 31 March 2015.

The SPCA is a community-based organisation which relies on funding and involvement from the public to operate. Unfortunately, the Krugersdorp branch has not been receiving the necessary financial and voluntary support from the local. The decision to close the branch has not been an easy one; the decision is based on economic and animal-concerned factors and has been in deliberation for a long period of time.

No animals will suffer as a result of the closure of the Krugersdorp branch. Inspectors will notify the public about the closure via word of mouth. People who wish to surrender animals to the SPCA are encouraged to do so at the other closest branches: Roodepoort and Randburg. The Johannesburg SPCA will continue to carry out investigations of cruelty, neglect or abuse within the Krugersdorp area, as well as collect any stray or unwanted animals.


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