Part 18 – Learning at McKaynine

A big part of puppy classes is to introduce us puppies to as many different things as possible while we are still very young. This is to show us that most things are okay. We learn that not all things are scary. Then, when we are older, we have seen so many things when we were little, that we won’t get scared of them. It also teaches us to trust our handlers. We learn that if they are not scared of something new, chances are we don’t have to be either.

This period in a puppy’s life is called the socialisation period. So the handlers always try and think of as many things as possible to show us.

Here I am investigating a children’s play tent with balls in it. No problem!

new1 new2

One lady walks around pushing a pram, so we can learn that prams are normal and not scary, and we also walk in and out of tyres.

new3 new4

They also prepare us for the vet and for those times people might need to touch us or restrain us for any reason. Here I’m getting a treat while dad puts a bandage around my head! It’s not a real injury – it’s all part of the fun.

new5 new6

Here mom is looking at my teeth and examining me all over. Then I get some cuddles!


We also learn to go through tunnels – once you know how to do this, it is the best fun ever!

new9 new10

And what would puppy classes be without playtime!?

DSCF2462 DSCF2483 DSCF2489  DSCF2513

At the end I’m pretty tired … but I’ll be back again next week!


Next time I will tell you what I got up to at the GDA festival!


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