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Playing with your cat is a great way of showing affection
Playing with your cat is a great way of showing affection

We love to show our pets we love them, but did you know some animals might not enjoy the way in which we show affection? These are a few alternatives.

Ways to show affection to pets

Wendy Wilson, a lecturer and tutor for the COAPE Diploma in South Africa, provides some additional ways to show your pets you love them.

  • Be a responsible pet owner and provide your pets with the best possible care. Pets should be kept clean and parasite free – follow a good deworming and tick and flea regime. Also provide pets with a safe, warm and dry place to sleep. Visit your vet for an annual check-up and necessary vaccinations. Buy the best food you can afford.
  • Attend positive reinforcement training classes with your dog so you both can learn to understand one another.
  • Learn how to touch your pet in a way he enjoys. Some pets don’t like being patted on the head. If your pet doesn’t like to be touched in one area, he will try to move away. Stroking the ears can be very relaxing for him. Once he gets used to it he may seek out your affection.
  • Play with your pets. Cats love anything that moves. Never use your fingers when playing with your cat; this teaches your cat to claw you and can be painful! Some dogs can play ‘fetch’ for hours, others prefer squeaky toys or food-dispensing toys. If you use the latter, remember to reduce your pet’s food ration at meal times or he may put on weight. A daily walk is of great benefit to your dog – take it slow and let him enjoy the new smells and the experience.

The full article appears in the March issue of Animaltalk.


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