Part 26 – Meeting the cows!

So the most important part of our training as puppies is socialisation. And Mom thought meeting cows would be just perfect! She told me that we were going to a farm and I would meet cows and chickens and bunnies and other dogs. It turns out that another Guide Dog puppy, Ivy (who is just a few weeks older than me), lives on the farm (lucky girl!). Her mom’s name is Bronwyn and she also has two other dogs – Marmite (a black Labrador) and Bella (a Boxer).

We arrived and of course there was the big greeting between all the dogs. Ivy’s litter brother (Jasper) and sister (Juliet) also joined us.


Then it was time to meet the cows! There was a fence between us and the cows, but I still tried to get as close to them as I could. Mom says I was so brave 🙂


DSCF3291  DSCF3298

Doing a play-bow for the cow?


Then it was playtime again. We played chase and wrestle. (If you look at the last ‘chase’ picture, you can see my tail in Ivy’s mouth!)

chase2 chase3 chase4 DSCF3329 tailmouth

Some wrestling …

wrestle2 wrestle3 wrestle4 wrestle5wrestle1

And Mom took a little video of us playing and wrestling:

Then Bronwyn brought a bunny out! I was not sure what this creature was. She held it very safely and only let us sniff.

DSCF3357 DSCF3359

It was a big day and I was sleeping all the way home ….


Next time we’ll smell the roses


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