Mix FM and Marltons donates blankets and food

Have you ever donated a blanket and felt really good about it? Well now, multiply that feeling by 300 and that’s how Roxy Blow’s and the Mix FM team are feeling right now! #AnimaltalkListenstoRoxyBlows

Click the link to hear the exclusive online Animaltalk segment on Roxy’s show below:

Mix FM donates blankets and dog food throughout the year to animal rescue centres that are in need, and this month they received some support from the Marltons franchise, in the form of 300 blankets accompanied with multiple tasty treats for the animals to chew on.  The blankets will be used to keep all the dogs, cats and every animal in need warm this winter and the many winters still to come.

Roxy Blows along with the rest of Mix FM are grateful to Marltons for their donation of blankets which was shared among Woodrock Animal Rescue, Dogtown and BarkingMadSA, along with Midrands’ very own RSPCA.

Roxy Blows has her animal show every Wednesday, from 9-12 on Mix 93.8FM.

mix_logoMix FM would like to challenge you: post all your good deeds to us via Twitter or Facebook with the #WinterChallenge. The record stands at 300 blankets – can you compete?

The PAWsome Adolph Van Der Westhuizen and Morgan Wanckel from Marltons Pets and Products holding the record with 300 blankets donated.

If you would like to make a donation contact us at Roxy@mixfm.co.za we’ll make sure those in need get it.


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