Part 35 – At Mom’s work & a super well-behaved pup at a restaurant

I am very lucky that Mom can take me to work with her and that she works in a dog-friendly office. And that all the people at the office love dogs. The hardest part of the day is when I have to be still while Mom does some work. But here are a few pictures of me at ‘work’, in the bushes, saying hello to Sammy and some colleagues, and just trying to be cute.

DSCF5254 DSCF5260 DSCF5261 DSCF5265

On the weekend we invited some family and went out for lunch. There was a children’s play area and I spent some time watching the kids play. I got a chewie when I got restless and was super well behaved while they ate – quietly lying next to the table and even having a bit of a snooze.

DSCF4688 DSCF4684 DSCF4683

DSCF4696 DSCF4678

Next time a whole bunch of Guide Dog puppies visit a park!


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