No more smells! Cats and litterboxes

Cats can have 'accidents' in the house, but usually with good reason
Cats can have ‘accidents’ in the house, but usually with good reason

Just like dogs, cats can also have ‘accidents’ in the house. This often happens in the form of spraying, or sometimes your cat will simply stop using her litterbox, leaving you completely confused. The good news is that there are reasons for your cat’s behaviour regarding this, and Animaltalk is here to help.

Rejecting the litterbox

It might leave you extremely frustrated when all of a sudden your cat doesn’t want to use her litterbox anymore. One of these might be the reason:

  • Your cat might be unwell. Take her to the vet to eliminate any medical causes.
  • Your cat needs more privacy. Move the litterbox to a quieter part of the house and see if she returns.
  • Cats are also not crazy about the smell. Try changing the litter on a more regular basis.
  • Did you recently change the litterbox? It could be that she simply doesn’t like the new one.
  • The same goes for the cat litter you use. Your cat can start to dislike it. Try a different kind and see if the situation improves.

Why the smell?

Smelly and pungent, cat urine is notorious for its horrible smell. One of the main reasons it smells so bad is because cats are simply more discreet than dogs, and you don’t always notice where she urinated. The urine is broken down by bacteria, which causes ammonia to be released. Ammonia is the chemical that is responsible for the smell.

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