There’s a Tiger in my garden!

Wetnose shares with Animaltalk a special story, There’s a Tiger in my garden!

Late one afternoon Wetnose got a hysterical call from a man claiming to have a baby tiger in his garden. He was terrified that the mother would soon be looking for her baby and then he was going to be in a big predicament. Of course the ladies at Wetnose knew that this would not be a tiger, but suspected some other kind of smaller cat. Their inspector went out to help the hysterical man. To their surprise, he returned with the sweetest little domestic kitten that never stopped purring. The kitten had been burned in a veld fire. His ears were a bit burned and his eyelids were slightly damaged. This did make him a strange sight, but certainly no tiger! The ladies decided to name him Tigger and helped him heal for his new owners who love him to bits.




For more information on Wetnose please see below:

Tel: 0861 wet nose or 013-9323941/2


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