November issue of Animaltalk

Roxy Blows spoke about the November issue of Animaltalk on her Animal Show on MixFM Wednesday 18 November 2015.

Click the link to listen to the live clip

In the November issue of Animaltalk

  • Is your dog a canine superstar?

Learn more about the training and nutrition a dog needs to be a canine athlete.

  • It is never easy to lose a pet. We help you deal with the death of a beloved dog.

Breed profiles:

  • Longhaired Dachshund
  • Smooth Dachshund
  • The Birman cat

Your questions answered:

  • Does it hurt to microchip my pet?
  • Do dogs ever outgrow their need to play?

And much more!

For more information on Roxy’s Animal Show, please see below:


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