NSPCA warns animal owners about the heat wave

shutterstock_146603420The extreme weather conditions affect all animals. The importance of shade and access to drinking water is emphasised.

Chained or confined animals are especially at risk. Contact your local SPCA and provide details so that assistance can be given in these and similar circumstances.

With companion animals, it is recommended that they are not taken out in vehicles except for emergency situations such as visits to the Veterinarian. Avoid walking or exercising dogs in the heat of the day – and be aware that the heat retained in tarred roads or hot pavements can damage the animals’ paws. Rather wait until temperatures drop towards the end of the day or take a break from exercising your animals whilst temperatures soar.

People often assume – wrongly – that if a rabbit has access to a hutch, it has adequate shade. In heatwave conditions, it would be preferable to move the hutch indoors and certainly out of any direct sunlight at any time.

“Please carry the number of the local SPCA with you at all times,” is the NSPCA appeal. Even if the issue is not theirs to handle, they can pass on details to the relevant SPCA.”

The public is asked to take all necessary precautions regarding their own animals to ensure their well- being during the hot spell but also to be alert to issues arising affecting other animals. Working animals such as security dogs or donkeys used for transport need to be monitored carefully to avoid dehydration, fatigue and even heatstroke. Farm animals plus captive wild animals are dependent upon the human population for the provision of shade and water. Anything untoward or of concern needs to be reported.

Source: NSPCA press release


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