Part 39 – Obedience class and some fun

After I finished my puppy classes I enrolled in an obedience class. It is at the same school as I did my puppy classes and is called Elementary Obedience. As the name says it is very basic obedience. The course was three months and I enjoyed it so much! At the end we passed our grading with flying colours. Here Mom and I are having our picture taken after we passed our grading.

In the second photo I am chewing on the rosette we got. Mom apologises for the bad quality picture.

Kenobi EB pass1 crop Kenobi EB pass3

Some of the Guide Dog puppies again had a playdate. Emily and Anja also joined and it was all play and splash.

DSCF5956 DSCF5995 DSCF6081DSCF5947


And a short video of us playing

Next time I’ll tell you about our weekend boarder





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