Part 10 – A new friend and Anja-cuddles

I love cuddling! When I was still very little, my brothers, sister and I used to cuddle with each other and with our mom Jelly. Anja looks a little bit like my mom – she’s the same colour. So when I came to my new home I couldn’t wait to cuddle with Anja when it was sleepy-time.


But Anja doesn’t like cuddles so much. Whenever I would go lie against her, she would get up and go lie somewhere else. Mom says she is still just getting used to having me around. So I have to be really clever when I want to cuddle. I wait until she is fast asleep, then I very quietly go and lie next to her. Sometimes I’ll rest my head on her back, but then she gets up again.

Here are a couple of times I managed to get a cuddle! (Even though it’s mostly with her bum! 🙂 )




And here I am sleeping with my tongue sticking out. For some reason Mom thinks it’s very cute.


I also met another new friend – this is Quota – he is a German Shepherd I met at dog school. He is a little bit older than me, and also a bit bigger, but we had so much fun playing together. (Click op pics to make them bigger)

DSCF1829 DSCF1878 DSCF1891 DSCF1900

Next time I will tell you about my 3rd puppy class at Guide-Dogs



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