Part 8 – More puppy class fun


So my puppy classes are going really well. At our second class at McKaynine, we learned how to ‘sit’ and ‘down’. But I already knew those. Here the instructor is demonstrating how to teach the down. Isn’t the Golden Retriever puppy just the cutest?



The handlers had to do some research on the different breeds they chose and give feedback – that was very interesting. Mom told everyone that I am a Labrador and was one day going to be a Working Dog. She told them that my breed has shown to be very good Guide and Service Dogs.



We had another play session (my favourite time of the class of course!). Here are some pictures:

DSCF1388 DSCF1407 DSCF1432 DSCF1445

Then it was time to do some other exercises. There was a ‘vet check’ where dad picked me up onto a table – here a lady touched me all over (head, feet, body, tail) and even checked my teeth! This is to make us used to being handled all over, so if we go to the vet, we will be good and stand nice and quiet.



They also asked us to go inside a crate – so we can learn that going inside small spaces is not scary. But I was almost too big already for this crate! I got a treat anyway.



Next time I will tell you about my first visit to Mom’s workplace!



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