Part 9 – Mom’s office and a new friend

I went to the office with Mom! It was so exciting. Mom works half day (if you are a Puppy Raiser you need the extra time every day to take care of us), and I’m allowed to go to with her when she goes to work! I am very lucky.

Everyone at her office is so friendly. I got lots of cuddles and everyone said how cute I am. And I met a new friend! This is Sammy:


Sammy is the office mascot at Mom’s work. He arrived at the property a few years ago and ended up staying. He spends all day in the office as well. I think he is even older than big sister Anja. Here we are getting to know each other. He was very friendly.





After the introductions I was a little tired so I had a nap. Here I am getting really comfortable (a puppy needs his sleep!).

029 030

I had a lovely time and can’t wait to go again.


Next time I will tell you about another new friend, and a ‘How to’ guide on cuddling with sister Anja.



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