Pet food world record attempt – you can help!

world-recordWant to help break a world record as well as help animals in need? An attempt to do just that is kicking off on 25 October 2016 and running to 5 November. The aim is to collect 30 tons!

All donations will go to the SPCA and they will distribute according to need – the SPCA takes care of all our furry friends and is reliant on the good hearts of the community. This challenge is to get donations for the SPCA but also to create awareness around the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Pet food needs to be approved by the Pet Food Industry (PFI) and needs to be in original packaging. Cash donations are also welcome.
Centurion SPCA, Waltloo SPCA, Boksburg SPCA and Sandton SPCA are main drop-off points but several veterinary clinics are also participating. Also feel free to contact for any alternative arrangements and ideas, also visit the Facebook page Pet Food World Record Attempt.
On 5 November all donations will be collected and brought to one location, weighed on calibrated and approved scales according to Guinness guidelines and rules, and submitted with all other evidence such as log books and independent witness statements.
You can make a difference!


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