Pet planning: what to do and when

Time flies by so fast and, before we know it, another month has passed, and then another year. With our lives filled with meetings, deadlines and challenges, we sometimes miss important dates and things we were supposed to do, but just didn’t get round to. Planning ahead and making actual notes somewhere, will help a lot in being on top of your pet responsibilities.

To make life a little easier for you, we’ve made a list of things you need to do according to a general timeline. This timeline does not include daily responsibilities, like feeding your dog, filling water bowls or picking up his poop – we know that you’ll remember these.

Every day

Brush his teeth This can be difficult to do every day, but at least try. If you do forget one day, don’t worry, Rufus will be forgiving.

Brush his coat Short coats might not need a brush every day, but long-haired coats definitely need a daily brush. This will help prevent knots and mats from forming, and will especially help when your pet is shedding.

Daily exercise Some dogs need a long walk in the neighbourhood, while others enjoy a good play session in the garden.

Mental games Playing mental games doesn’t have to be time-consuming every day. You can give your dog a puzzle toy to play with while you do something else, and then make up for it on another day by playing more interesting games with him.

To find out what you should be doing every week, month, two months, three months and six months, read the January 2022 edition of Animaltalk magazine. Get a copy from retailers, or order a copy now at There is also a free planner in this issue to help you plan ahead.


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