Planning your next holiday

Are you planning your holiday over the Easter period, or maybe later in the year? Will your dog still be a puppy then? This is what you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure all his inoculations are up to date and that he is being treated with an effective tick and flea control product. If you are going to a public place like a beach, he needs all three of his puppy vaccinations before he is safe in a public area.
  • He needs to have identification on his collar/harness as well as having an identity chip with your cellphone number.
  • If you are driving make sure he is safe. It is very unsafe for the driver, and the puppy, if he is free in the car. The best idea is to get him used to a dog crate before you leave so that he can travel in his crate. He will also feel much safer in his ‘den’.
  • You need to plan to take breaks about every two hours for water, a snack and toileting. Make sure he is on lead at all times. Big trucks can frighten pups and you don’t want him taking fright and running off.


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