Preparing for PetExpo 2022

PetExpo is back after two years of lockdowns, and this year, the organisers promise an event not to be missed. There will be over 400 dogs, more than 100 cats, and a variety of small pets to be seen.

You will also have the opportunity to stock up on your pet’s requirements, purchase cute gifts, and see some new products and trends in the pet industry. A variety of shows have been planned, like agility, dog shows, cat shows and dog jumping, to name a few. And of course, there’ll be plenty of food to enjoy!

Be prepared

Buy your tickets online in advance and print them at home. This will save you valuable time when you arrive at the expo.

Come early and aim to get as much as possible out of the day. But come prepared! You can find programmes for the two days here. Download and print them and take them with you.

The expo is outdoors, so keep this in mind and make sure that you get plenty of water to drink, wear a hat and sunscreen – you can still burn even in winter. As the weather isn’t always predictable, wear layers and take a warm jacket with you in case it gets cold.

Take a backpack with you to carry the interesting pamphlets and samples you may receive and for your shopping.

If you have children, remember to pack everything they will need for the day – so that you don’t have to cut your day short if you’ve left something important at home.

And wear comfortable, flat shoes! There will be so much to see and enjoy, and you don’t want the wrong pair of shoes to put a damper on the day.


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