Puppy proofing your home

Puppies are naturally curious creatures and will investigate their new surroundings with their mouths and noses. They will bite and chew at items or try to play with them and don’t realise the possible dangers lurking. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to go through the house, preferably on your knees, to view each room from your puppy’s point of view.

Pack away the poisons

Look for any chemicals in the garage – particularly antifreeze, which contains ethylene glycol that is extremely toxic to animals. Lock these harmful poisons away and out of reach of small hands and paws.

Bathroom basics

Keep all beauty products, medications, supplements and your first aid kit in a locked bathroom cabinet.

Disgusting toilet water

Never allow your puppy to drink water from the toilet, as it contains germs and chemicals.

Safe stairs

Fit baby gates to the top and bottom of the stairs in your home and ensure that all balcony exits remain closed. Your puppy can fall down the stairs before mastering the art of climbing stairs.

Cords and cables

Keep cables, such as chargers, out of puppy’s reach as these are extremely dangerous. If you have a nest of cables in your house, ensure that puppy can’t get to it.

Fruit and vegetables

There are several fruits that are unsafe for dogs to eat, such as grapes (including the dried kind, like raisins and currants), tomatoes, and avocados. Onions and garlic are also very toxic to dogs. Ensure that puppy can’t get to these.

Garden hazards

Ensure that your garden is safe, with no chemicals lying around. Watch out for poisonous plants too. Mulch, fertiliser and garden tools can be hazardous to curious puppies. Check your garden perimeter for any holes in the wall or fence, where your puppy could possibly escape.

Secure the kitchen

Place child-proof locks on all cupboards and keep your puppy out of the kitchen when you cook.


Slippery rugs on stone or tiled floors, an alcohol cabinet and glass ornaments are all safety hazards for your puppy. Place ornaments and long, flowing tablecloths out of your puppy’s reach.

Safeguard water hazards

Cover your swimming pool and/or garden pond with a safety net and, again, lock away all chemicals.




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