Puppy’s time spent with mom

Puppies should spend as much time as possible with their mom. There are five basic reasons for this:

  1. Six- to seven-week-old pups are simply not emotionally ready to cope with the world out there. It is a bit like sending a three-year-old child off to fend for themselves.
  2. A week or two may not seem like much to us, but remember, dogs have shorter lifespans than we do. In terms of their development, a lot can happen in a couple of weeks.
  3. Removing a puppy before six weeks results in the pup not getting the nutrition he needs from his mom (even is he has started eating some puppy food).
  4. As pups learn social skills from their mom and littermates, removing them too early deprives them of this, leading to puppies who lacks self-confidence, resulting in fear and anxiety. As the majority of aggressive behaviour stems from fear, there is a very real risk.
  5. Resolving behaviour problems that result from pups being removed too young isn’t easy, and you will require professional help.

Eight weeks old is the absolute minimum age most pups will be ready to leave the litter.



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