Q & A: Baby teeth

Q: When do puppies and kittens lose their baby teeth, and how do I deal with it?

A: In general, puppies and kittens start to lose their baby teeth, also referred to as milk teeth, from the age of about three months. This varies with each individual animal, and the period ends by the time the puppy or kitten is six to nine months old. This is the time when puppies and kittens seek anything they can to chew on to possibly reduce the discomfort they feel during the teething process. Anything from shoes, sticks and toys to whatever else they can find to chew. It may also be part of their exploration process.

You may find a baby tooth on the carpet, but generally, the teeth are swallowed, making it difficult to find. After loss of the baby teeth, your puppy or kitten’s gums should heal quickly. Once the adult teeth appear, it is time to start taking care of those teeth. Getting pets used to a dental care routine while young is the best way to ensure dental health later on.

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