Q & A: Carrots for dogs

Q: My dog loves chewing on carrots, but how good or bad are carrots for dogs?

A: Carrots are not really bad for dogs if your dog is healthy. Large chunks could be a choking hazard but in general carrots are not harmful to dogs. Crunchy carrots can even assist in cleaning your dog’s teeth by removing some plague.

Vets often recommend using carrots for treats or to add carrots to the dog’s regular food as a source of fibre to aid in weight loss. The only time carrots may be a problem when fed to dogs is in those dogs who suffer from oxalate crystals in their bladders, as carrots are high in oxalate and may exacerbate the problem.

Remember to clean the carrots properly and take off any access roots and leaves before you give it to your dog. And also supervise your dog when he eats bigger pieces of carrots.

Dr Vanessa Mcclure, veterinarian


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