Q & A: Eating grass

Q: Why do dogs eat grass?

A: This is a commonly asked question which has led to a lot of speculation, but there is not much on it in veterinary literature. The various theories are that some dogs do it out of boredom, while others may have a dietary deficiency. Some may do it to stimulate vomiting if they have some kind of gastrointestinal irritation. In an article published in the Veterinary Medicine Journal, they found that most dogs and cats consume some plant material. In their study, they also found that eating grass was not usually associated with gastrointestinal illness, and they theorised that it may be a trait inherited from their wild ancestors. So, if your dog eats grass, it is probably normal behaviour as long as you are feeding him a good quality diet and deworming him regularly. Just ensure your pet does not eat grass that has been treated with chemicals or pesticides.

Dr Vanessa Mcclure, veterinarian


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