Q & A: Hobbling along

Q: How do I know if my dog’s limping is cause for concern?

A: This is always a problem to be addressed, no matter the severity. If your dog is limping, it most likely means that something is hurting.

There can be a range of reasons for limping, including a torn toenail, a thorn stuck in the paw, laceration of one of the paw pads, or even in severe cases a fracture of one of the bones or digits in the paw or injury to a muscle or joint.

Did you know that it is common for dogs to tear their cranial cruciate ligament, which is also a common sports-related injury in humans?

Your veterinarian will most likely look between the paw pads as well as feel and flex your dog’s limbs and joints to confirm where the source of the pain is. In some cases, an x-ray will be taken of the affected area.

It is a common misconception that some dogs limp just to get their owner’s attention.

Even a small change in the way your dog walks might be an early sign of pain.

Dr Johan Jordaan, veterinarian


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