Q & A: Milk teeth

Q: Do cats have milk teeth, and when do they fall out?

A: Kittens do have milk teeth. These teeth are called deciduous teeth. They start to get teeth at about two weeks of age. The deciduous incisors erupt at about two to four weeks of age, the canines at three to four weeks, and the premolars come in on the mandible at four to six weeks of age. All deciduous teeth are usually erupted by eight weeks of age. The permanent teeth start to come out at about 3.5 to 4 months (which is when the deciduous teeth start to fall out), and should all be erupted by six months of age. Rarely the deciduous teeth do not all fall out and then the cat has ‘two teeth’. This can be a problem as food can get trapped between the teeth and cause bad breath and tooth decay. If you notice this in your pet, you should take her to the vet, who can remove the remaining deciduous teeth.

Dr Vanessa Mcclure, veterinarian


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