Q & A: Pass the tissues

Q: Is it normal for my diabetic cat to eat tissue paper?

A: It is not normal for a cat to eat tissue paper, diabetic or not. It may be behavioural, that she does it to get attention, but because your cat is diabetic, there could also be a medical reason.

Animals with untreated diabetes are often very hungry and have ferocious appetites and therefore will eat everything they can. If your cat seems to be hungry all the time, and eats anything, including the tissue paper, it may mean the insulin dose needs to be adjusted.

This will require a vet visit, as it is dangerous to change the insulin dose without a glucose curve being evaluated by a vet. If it is a behavioural problem, you can try to manage it – avoid leaving tissue paper where the cat can get hold of it. If she starts eating something else or acting strange, it is best to contact a qualified cat behaviourist.

Dr Vanessa Mcclure, veterinarian


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