Q & A: Rabbit sore tooth

Q: How can I tell if my rabbit has dental disease, and how can I prevent it?

A: One of the most common problems seen by veterinarians in pet rabbits is dental disease. The most valuable key to treatment and management of dental disease is early detection. Therefore, regular check-up visits to the veterinarian is fundamental in keeping your animal healthy, as well as your keen observation of your pet. Although it is not possible to prevent all types of dental disease, dental problems caused strictly by diet can be avoided.

Healthy diet

Make sure that your rabbit gets a healthy, balanced diet that consists of unlimited grass hay and a good amount and variety of fresh leafy greens daily. Also offer other items for the rabbit to chew on, such as fresh tree branches from trees not sprayed with chemicals, untreated wood pieces and unvarnished, unpainted wicker baskets. Avoid feeding an exclusive diet of commercial pellets. A healthy diet will ensure adequate wear of all the teeth.

Once a month have a good look at your pet’s teeth, although you may only be able to see the incisors. Report any changes in shape, colour or texture of the teeth to your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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