Q & A: Taking a poop sample

Q: My vet has asked me for a faecal sample from my cat. What is the best way to do this?

A: Use a Ziploc bag turned inside out over your hand, or a disposable utensil, to collect a sample, close the bag and make sure it is completely sealed.

Before taking a sample, keep this in mind.

  • Samples must be FRESH (still soft and moist) and passed within the last four to six hours.
  • The sample should be approximately the size of a sugar cube, or half a teaspoon.
  • Store the sample in the fridge (never freeze the sample) if it will be more than a few hours before you can take it to the hospital. It goes without saying that you must take care to not store this close to food items.
  • If you have multiple cats using the same litterbox, try to collect a small sample from each cat.
  • Mark the sample with your kitten’s name.

Dr Carli Goosen, veterinarian



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