Quiz: Are you ready for a new cat?

Contemplating whether or not you should get a cat? Maybe you should do some research first. Admittedly, cats are not for everyone. Most cat owners would agree – you don’t adopt a cat, she adopts you! So, if you haven’t had a cat as a pet before, take our quiz. However, please keep in mind that this is purely a beginner’s guide. To get answers to your specific questions, speak to a few breeders.

Remember – getting any pet is a commitment for his or her entire lifetime!


1. How often do you need to feed a cat?

a. When she is hungry.

b. When her bowl is empty.

c. Once a day.

d. Twice a day.


2. How often do you need to clean the cat’s litterbox?

a. Do you have to clean it? How?

b. When it looks like it the litterbox is filled with poop?

c. Once a week.

d. At least once a day.


3. Are you ready to clean up the cat’s vomit?

a. What – they vomit?

b. Not really, but I’ll try.

c. I’ll ask someone else to do it.

d. Yes, of course.


4. Are you ready to vacuum every day to get rid of cat hair?

a. That sounds like too much effort.

b. I don’t own a vacuum cleaner.

c. I’ll vacuum once a week.

d. Not a problem for me.


5. Which breed do you prefer?

a. Are there different cat breeds? Really?

b. Uhm, the one with long hair?

c. I don’t care; I just want a cat.

d. I know exactly which breed of cat I want.


6. Do you travel often?

a. I’m out of the house all the time.

b. Sometimes

c. I’ll just get a pet sitter.

d. No, I will be with my kitty most of the time.


7. Do you know which foods are toxic to cats?

a. Cats can eat anything, from mice to frogs.

b. Is it the same as for dogs?

c. I’ll Google it before I get a cat.

d. Yes, I have a list, which includes onions, raisins and chocolates.


8. Can you afford a cat?

a. Cats are cheap – you just have to buy them food sometimes.

b. I’m not sure; how much does it cost?

c. No, but I’ll make a plan.

d. Yes, I’ve drawn up a budget and am sure I can afford it.


9. Have your family agreed on getting a cat?

a. They don’t have much say in the matter.

b. No, we have one child who doesn’t like cats.

c. Not really.

d. Yes, and everybody is keen.


10. Is anybody in the family allergic to cats?

a. People can be allergic to cats?

b. I have no idea. We have never been in contact with cats.

c. Not really.

d. No, we know for sure that we are safe.



Mostly a’s and b’s: Chances are that you have never owned a cat before and you probably aren’t ready for one at all. First, spend some time with a family who has a cat, and get more information from them.

Mostly c’s: You have good intentions, but you’re not quite ready yet. Do your homework first and do some proper research on the breeds that you’re considering before you get yourself a cat.

Mostly d’s: You are ready for a cat – go get your kitty from a reputable breeder, or give one a second chance at life, by adopting a cat from a shelter.


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