Raising awareness for animals at GeekFest

Johannesburg, 4 July 2015 saw many Raising awareness for animals at GeekFest #AnimaltalkCares

Geek Fest
NMS volunteers: (Back) Debbie Human Zackey, Carla Stander, Fébé Naudé, Nina Akg Knopfli, Tricia Davis, Diahann Danielle Blanchard, Neil Brand. (Front) Jonathan Mostert, Thalia Lambrou, Jackie and Anton Otto.


12 volunteers from Johannesburg based No More Suffering (NMS), a non-profit organisation, joined the GeekFest 2015 to raise awareness for the organisation and the hardships faced daily by animals in South Africa and worldwide.

The GeekFest 2015 was seen as an appropriate vehicle to raise animal rights awareness. The rhino and other animal species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, and No More Suffering believes that, unless decisive action is taken, non-human animal species are heading towards a disaster.

‘We saw the event as a fun way in which to raise awareness of the devastation being wreaked on this planet,’ said NMS director Tricia Davis. 12 NMS volunteers raised awareness by wearing branded t-shirts, handing out flyers and talking to interested parties about the organisation, as well as animal rights causes. They advised people on how to take action in their own lives by being more compassionate and choosing cruelty-free products.

“Everyone had a fun day out, and awareness and interest was raised” says Ms Davis. Proceeds will go to Freeme Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Johannesburg.

NMS is currently calling on support from both individuals and the business sector in a bid to increase the organisation’s reach substantially. Anyone wishing to collaborate with the organisation or to have a member of NMS present a talk at the event, would be welcome to contact them.

For more information about No More Suffering, please go to www.no-more.co.za or contact  Tricia Davis at knowmore@no-more.co.za


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