Regular cat grooming

Cat groom themselves, so why do owners have to groom their cats as well? Regular cat grooming allows you to spend quality time bonding with your pet and gives you the opportunity to check her body condition and spot any unusual signs that might indicate health problems, such as lumps or bumps. Grooming is very important for your cat’s coat:

  • Circulation is stimulated.
  • Muscle tone is improved.
  • Fur is smoothed down for better insulation.
  • Glands at the base of the coat are stimulated to waterproof the fur.
  • Sebum is spread evenly, which helps to waterproof and protect the coat and skin.
  • In hot weather, the saliva spread when she grooms herself helps to keep your cat cool.

Try to start grooming your cat from an early age so that it becomes a normal part of her routine.


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