Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge: Ride for EWT

left_img_29The Endangered Wildlife Trust can only become a charity bond for the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge 2015 once they have 20 cyclists that have registered on the Momentum 947 cycle challenge website and paid their registration fee. The EWT will then email these 20 cyclist names to the organisers. The organisers will only then add the EWT as a charity bond.

We need YOU to ride for our cause! REGISTER today!

  • Enter yourself at and make the payment. (When entries open)
  • Inform the team leader, Debbie Thiart, that you have entered and made the payment and send her your name and I.D. number, and when making your payment select the EWT as your charity of choice.
  • Debbie will then load you onto the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s bond.
  • Visit the GivenGain and start fundraising now – you have 9 months to reach the target.

The event is to take place on Sunday, 15 November 2015. For any queries contact Debbie on or call 011 372 3600/1/2/3


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