Safe fruit for pets

With so many reports about which human foods are bad for your dog, you’re not alone in wondering which fruits are actually safe. Here’s a list of fruit that should be fine for your dog. As each dog is an individual, yours could possibly have an allergy to one of the items on the list, so always supervise him when he eats fruit.

Cut up the fruit into bite-size pieces, but not so small that they could cause a choking hazard, and always remove the pips.

Spoil your dog with the following safe fruits from time to time:

  • Apples but remember to remove the core and pips.
  • Bananas in moderation, due to the high sugar content.
  • Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and are safe for your dog.
  • Cucumber is safe and low in kilojoules.
  • Mango but remember to remove the pip.
  • Peaches in small amounts, and remove the pip.
  • Pears are great if they are fresh – best to skip the canned pears in syrup.
  • Strawberries in moderation.
  • Watermelon is great for dogs, but only feed them the flesh – not the rind or seeds.

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