Showing more affection

Do you also wonder how to show your dog more affection? Besides the traditional ways, try these:

  • Be a responsible pet owner and provide your pets with the best possible care. Pet should be kept clean and parasite free – follow a good deworming and tick and flea regime. Also provide your dog with a safe, warm and dry place to sleep. Visit your vet for an annual check-up and necessary vaccinations. Buy the best food you can afford.
  • Attend positive reinforcement training classes with your dog so you both can learn to understand each other.
  • Learn how to touch your dog in a way he enjoys. Some dogs don’t like being patted on the head. If your pet doesn’t like to be touched in one area, he will try to move away.
  • Play with your dog. Some dogs can play fetch for hours, others prefer squeaky toys or food-dispensing toys. A daily walk is of great benefit to you and your dog – take it slow and let him enjoy the new smells and the experience.

Wendy Wilson, behaviourist


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