Singer/actor Stefan Ludik – a man who loves his dogs

Stefan enjoying some time out on the beach with his beloved pooches

Stefan enjoying some time out on the beach with his beloved pooches

Stefan Ludik affectionately fondles his canines’ ears when talking about the three dogs sharing his heart and house. He has been on our screens for a few years now, first representing his home country, Namibia, in Big Brother Africa, after which he was seen in Egoli, Vloeksteen and as the attractive doctor Gustav Kemp in Binneland. He is also frontman of the group Elvis se Seun.

Trio of canines

Stefan recalls: “I was doing a show in Rustenburg when my ex-girlfriend saw this baby Jack
Russell and just immediately fell in love with her. We made an offer to the owners, and they accepted. Sooki went back with us to Johannesburg.” Billy joined the family when Stefan decided that Sooki should have a friend. “I prefer to have smaller-sized dogs as I share my house with them and it is just so much easier to take them with me when I go on holiday.” The final partner in this trio of dogs is Pippi, who immediately stole Stefan’s heart!

Different personalities

Sooki loves to play fetch and constantly brings something to throw; she can continue this non-stop. Stefan smiles, “I will throw the ball and she will run after it. Billy will wait until she’s almost back and then run to meet her and ‘help’ her to bring it to me! She loves my lady-friends, and always seeks their attention when they come and visit. She is an absolute angel.”

Billy is more highly-strung. “When he feels alone at home during the day, he will dig out my plants, tear his blankets and do naughty stuff. When I get home, he will hide somewhere. He knows exactly what he did wrong! But he’s a real mommy’s boy and has such a small heart.”

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