Snoekie a loving soul

Snoekie a loving soul, an innocent little goat, a victim of abuse, our precious girl #AnimaltalkCares

Found after being stoned, a victim of bestiality, belonging to no one, our Inspectors rescued her from the harshness and inhumanity of this world! Snoekie’s life changed for good!

Despite her previous experiences with humans, she took to us with love and cheerfulness. We watched her learn, we watched her play, and we watched her grow.

Snoekie has now been sterilised and rehomed to the best home suitable for her!

Please help support animals in need, as we can only confront cruelty with the generosity of our supporters!

  • R150.00 / month – would cover the basic cost of 1 kennel for 1 month (we have approximately 500 kennels in total)
  • R300.00 / month – would subsidise the sterilisation of 1 animal (we do over 100 a month)
  • R600.00 / month – would on average subsidise 1 cruelty investigation. (we deal with approximately 300 a month)
  • Any donation of your choice would be appreciated!

Should you wish to support animals in need our banking details are:

ACCOUNT NO: 07074381094

We would like you to know that not only will your donation directly benefit the animals in our area but – through a sharing agreement between all SPCAs nationwide – a portion will be used in other, less fortunate areas to benefit animals over a wider area.

For more information:

Contact person: Korky Levanon
Contact number: 012 803 5219

Tshwane SPCA snoekie