Teenage cats

Did you know that cats also go through a ‘teenage’ phase like dogs do? This is the time when they start to become sexually mature, at around five to six months. Siamese and other Oriental cats can start this process earlier – anything from four months.

With sexual maturity comes a surge of testosterone to a greater or lesser extent in both males and females. Testosterone is the hormone that gives us confidence to go out and try new things. This manifests in pet cats as the ‘crazy-try-anything’ period.

Think of teenage boys: all the pushing, shoving and posturing – this is basically the same for cats. Lots of posturing and mock battles with either the owner or other pets in the house.

What these behaviours are aimed at, is to ascertain if the individual is strong and smart enough to go off and start his or her own family.

Wendy Wilson, behaviourist


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