The oldest animals that ever lived

See the oldest animals that ever lived. #AnimaltalkNews

1,000 years might seem like a long time for a human, but for some animals, that is just the start. This board explores some of the oldest known animals in the world.

  • Wisdom the Albatross, Age 62

It might not seem that old, but an Albatross named Wisdom is the oldest bird in the known wild. And to top that: Wisdom was still hatching eggs at age 62!

  • Thomas the Tortoise, Age 130

If you have seen the movie Finding Nemo, you might know that tortoises live for a long time. Thomas, the 130 year old tortoise from the UK, was no exception. After surviving two world wars, Thomas tragically died after being bitten by a rat on the leg. Learn more about the life of this incredible animal and how he met his match with a rodent.

  • George the Giant Lobster, Age 140

Poor George. This Giant Lobster was about to become the main entree at restaurant in New York before he was rescued by a PETA worker.

  • Bowhead Whale, Age 200

Bowhead whales were originally thought to only live for about 80 years. However, in May 2007, a bowhead whale caught off the Alaskan coast was discovered with the head of an explosive harpoon embedded deep under its neck blubber. Scientists deduced that the harpoon was manufactured around 1890, suggesting these animals may live up to 200 years.

  • Hanako, the Koi, Age 226

There is some speculation about whether or not Hanako the Koi actually lived to age 226. Read the story of Hanako and see if you believe this fishy myth.

  • Adwaita, the Aldabra Giant Tortoise, Age 250


At his death in March 2006 at the Kolkata Zoo in India, Adwaita was the longest ever measured life span of a terrestrial animal at 255 years old.

Source: The oldest animals that ever lived


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