Throwing a Birthday Party for Your Dog

Know how to throw a Birthday Party for Your Dog. #AnimaltalkMagSA

Let’s face it, our dogs aren’t just pets, they’re family. So, why not celebrate their birthdays just like we do for our kids – with a party!

From choosing a location to making invitations, to decorations, refreshments, and even a doggie birthday cake, these tips will help you plan and throw the perfect birthday celebration for your dog, that you’ll both enjoy!

Choose a Location:

When choosing a location for your pup’s party, you’ll want to consider the size of your dog, the number of canine and human guests, and the size of your dog’s canine buddies. Clearly, if you’ve got a Great Dane and plan to invite all the big dogs from the park, you’ll want to plan for an outdoor party. But, if you’ve got a tiny Pomeranian and just a few little dog friends, an indoor party might be just right.

For an outdoor party, you could host in your own backyard – as long as it’s fenced. While your own dog may be trained to stay within his own yard, you want your guests to be comfortable letting their dog romp and play, without being tethered to a leash all day. You may want to have the party at your local dog park, but make sure to either plan for a time when the park is mostly empty, or be prepared to share your party favors and refreshments with anyone that might show up. Some doggie daycares or training centers may be willing to rent their outdoor fenced areas for your party, too. It can’t hurt to ask around! (Be prepared for a quick change of plans should weather become an issue – you might need to move the party indoors!)

For an indoor party, you can host it at home, in a dog-friendly hotel (with permission), or at your local doggie daycare center. Wherever you choose to host your party, be sure the four-legged guests have access to an area where they can go potty. (And, be prepared for the possibility of an accident)

Make Invitations:

Once you’ve determined the where and the when, you’ll need to make invitations. There are tons of pre-made dog-themed party invitations available, or you might choose to make them yourself. Just be sure to include details such as what it’s for, when it is, and how to get there.

*Cool Idea: Instead of your guests bringing gifts, ask them to make a donation to your favorite dog charity or bring a new or gently used item suitable for donating to your favorite shelter. 


Every good paw-ty needs cool dog themed party decorations. Paw print balloons, matching plates, and even party hats that fit over dog’s ears are available and will make your party memorable for you and your guests.


For ideas to keep your human guests happy, think about the same refreshments you would serve at a child’s birthday party for the adult guests.

For the four-legged guests, anything beyond lots and lots of fresh, clean water can get a little tricky… Don’t hand out dog treats or snacks without checking with dog parents first to avoid allergies or accidents that come along with an upset tummy. If all of your furry guests are ok for a treat, you can bake your own dog-safe birthday cake, or purchase special treats at your local dog bakery or online.

The Birthday Cake!

What birthday party is complete without cake? Even a dog deserves a special treat on his special day. Many grocery stores and local bakers make special cakes for dogs.

Or, try wheat-free Puppy Cakes mix to make your dog a special birthday cake at home. For ease, you may choose to make mini-pupcakes instead of a full-sized cake. Just remember to top each one with a yummy dog treat. Bake your cake in a bone-shaped cake pan to make if even more fun!


In addition to planning the logistics, plan for some fun dog-friendly activities to make your pup and his guests feel special. Here are some cool activities you might want to consider:

• A photo shoot! Gather your guests, dress them up in party hats or even costumes, and photograph them. Or just photograph the dogs at play. Everyone loves photos of their dogs, so share the party shots with your guests either by emailing them the photos post-party, or have a photo printer set up and give guests a framed shot of their dog as a parting gift.

• Let the dogs show off their special skills and tricks with a doggie talent show! Have special dog-themed prizes on hand for the winner.

• Games of fetch are always fun for dogs, especially if a special treat awaits them. Just make sure there’s enough to go around – you don’t want your guests fighting for the prize.

• Spread lots of fun squeaky toys or tennis balls around your party space and watch the dogs play and play! Then, when the party’s over, allow your guests to take a few of them home as party favors!

The most important tip of all – have fun! After all, this is your dog’s special day. If you’re happy, he’ll be happy too. Have you ever had a birthday party for your dog? Got any other party ideas to share? Tell us about them with a comment below!

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