Using apps to be a better pet parent

We all use apps on our smartphones for various reasons – from WhatsApp and other social media platforms to news platforms. So, why not use an app for your pet, too? The challenge is that there are so many apps to download that it becomes difficult to know who you can trust and what you really need. Animaltalk looked at a few apps, and these are the ones we feel can make life easier for you as a pet parent.



Yapper is one of those apps that provides you with just about everything you need. It was developed in South Africa but, unfortunately, you can’t download it from an app store – you have to go to to download it on your phone.

Features include:

Daily activity Log your daily activity with your pets – whether it is walking, running, napping, agility or daycare. It even has an option for cuddles.

Daily nutrition In this section, you can tick whether you’ve given your dog food, water, treats and medicine for that day.

Pet parlour You can log your grooming activities in this section, from brushing and massaging to cleaning your dog’s teeth.

Daily behaviour If you need to keep tabs on your dog’s daily behaviour, you can use this section of the app.

My insights This function gives you an overall look at all your activities with your dog.

Health checks Keep up to date with all your dog’s vaccinations, health checks and treatments with this function.

Bonus points You can earn bonus points by completing different sections of the various functions.

The best thing about this app is that you can link it to your Pick ’n Pay Smart Shopper card if you are a Pet Club member.


Petworld App

With the Petworld App, you can connect with the pet shop community, and the app offers a variety of features, including:

My pets This function allows you to share pictures of your pets with other members of the community.

News Find the best pet-related deals.

Outlets Find the closest store to you.

This app is available on the Google App Store.



This app helps you find someone close to you who can help you with pet sitting, dog walking or dog boarding. Features include:

Boarding Find a registered boarding kennel close to you.

Taxi This feature will help you find someone who can transport your dog for you.

Grooming Find a groomer close by, who can groom your dog.

Walking Need somebody to walk your dog when you can’t? This feature helps you to find someone who can.

Sitting Find a pet sitter in your area when you need to be away from home.

Daycare If you don’t want to leave your pet at home alone all day, find a daycare centre close by.

There are many other features on this app, like sharing pictures of your pets with the community.

This app is available on the Google App Store.



The Puppr app is all about dog training and tricks. As with any training information out there, always be aware of what is safe for your pet, and what is not.

Features include:

New dog This feature includes training tips, such as clicker training. There is even a button on the app that gives you the clicker sound, meaning you don’t need a clicker anymore.

Basics Helps you to teach your dog the basic cues – such as ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stay’ – in a few easy steps.

Silly Offers a variety of tricks you can teach your dog, such as ‘roll over’, ‘spin’ and ‘crawl’.

Circus Gives a variety of tricks that are a few levels up from the basics, such as leg weaves and ‘take a bow’.

Find various other features on this app, which is available on the Google App Store.


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