Part 30 – Walkies in Randburg

Our next puppy walk was a tour through Randburg. This meant we would get exposed to a whole bunch of stuff. We met up first to say our hellos. It was me, Ivy, Juliet and Jasper. And then we got ready to cross the road.

hello road 1 road 2

We walked past some shops next to the sidewalk, and then went into the mall! It had really shiny floors but we walked nicely and wasn’t scared at all.

mall 1 mall 2

After that we had a little rest and then we were off again. There is a closed bridge that goes over the road. Mom was a bit slow and I tried to get her to catch up.

rest 1 rest 2


Finally we came to the end of the walk and passed out after we had some water to drink.


Next time we play at Juliet’s house.


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