Part 15 – The water feature and visiting mom’s office

I am really lucky that I can go to work with mom. So the other day I went with her again. When we arrived Sammy came to say hello! Remember Sammy is the other dog at the office He lives there and helps out on the Animaltalk magazine. He looked pretty happy to see me but I think he thinks that sometimes I’m a bit too much in his face.

I just get soooo excited …..

DSCF2294 DSCF2296 DSCF2300 DSCF2302

Because the offices are on a big plot, I get to run around a bit off lead sometimes. It was really hot, and while mom was sitting outside eating lunch, I noticed the water feature just outside the reception door. I just had to try it out – and cool off! Everyone thought it was very funny and had a good laugh.

See my nose just sticking out on the right?

K in W1


K in W4 K in W5 K in W6


Next time I’ll tell you a bit about what I get up to at home!


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