Ways to improve your pet’s wellbeing

There is always room for improvement, right? So, why don’t we pledge – during this Mother’s Day month – to be even better pet parents? If you are already the best pet parent there is – we salute you and we thank you. For most of us, there are a few more things we could do for our pets to make their lives better and, ultimately, make them happier and healthier.

1. We are family

If your pet is truly part of the family, he will feel loved, safe and protected, and he will also be less likely to get bored. Cats, dogs, birds and small furry pets can be incorporated easily into the family structure, as they are naturally sociable animals. By making your pet a part of the family and spending time with him, you will improve your chances of knowing when something is wrong.

Whether you’re planning a night out or a family holiday, consider your pet and whether he can accompany you, or not. If he can’t, who will take care of him? Make sure the person you choose will do so with love.

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