Part 40 – Weekend boarder

When puppies on the Puppy Raising Scheme are about one year old, they go back to South African Guide-Dogs Training Centre to start their formal training to become Guide Dogs, Service Dogs, or Autism Support Dogs. They go to ‘school’ and learn from Monday to Friday, and on weekends they go home and have a well-deserved rest. They usually go home to the puppy raisers who raised them.

Sometimes it happens that the people they go to on weekends (they are called weekend homers) go away for a weekend. The pups then need a temporary home for that weekend. Mom decided to volunteer our home for a pup who might need a weekend home while his family is away.

This was the best idea ever! So we have different friends visiting us over weekends. I’ve had some awesome playmates! We play and have so much fun.

And Anja also likes it because she gets some rest while I play with my new friends.

Here are some photos of me playing with my new friends over weekends.

DSCF6649 DSCF6833 DSCF6858 DSCF7437 DSCF7870 DSCF8250 DSCF8277DSCF8263



Next time I go out for pancakes



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